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Big Game Hunting in Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe is a country of contrasting landscapes which provides for an extraordinary diversity of ecosystems and wildlife. Two major rivers form it's northern and southern boundaries. The great Zambezi River cuts along it's northern frontier, while the unpredictable Limpopo forms the southern border with South Africa.

It is home to large quantities of Elephant and Buffalo and to a spectacular variety of Plains Game. The big game hunting terrain will vary from the famous 'Jesse' to open Mopani woodlands. Most of the big game hunting is done on foot and from blinds for cats. All your big game species would be harvested in Zimbabwe, so the visiting big game hunter needs to be physically prepared.

The climate is cool and dry in winter - April - October, warm and wet in summer - November - March. The cooler months offer the best big game hunting opportunities.

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Bubye Valley

The 3740kmĀ² privately owned conservancy is situated in the lowveld region of Southern Zimbabwe. The dedication of the owners to preserve this area for wildlife has resulted in the Bubye Valley Conservancy being one of the finest areas in Africa for dangerous game and plains game. The Bubye Valley Conservancy is the premier big game hunting area in the region. There are no internal fences and reminiscent of the pre-colonial days, vast herds of buffalo, eland, kudu, zebra, wildebeest and giraffe abound.

The conservative quotas ensure record trophies are continuously secured. Of particular note is the quality of kudu, eland, wildebeest, buffalo, lion and leopard that are taken each year.

Set amongst exquisite surroundings, there are several luxury camps on the property, each fully equipped with an en-suite bathroom with hot and cold running water and electricity powered by a generator. Access to the Bubye Valley Conservancy is more accessible by road or air charter via Bulawayo. It is advisable that clients schedule their arrival and departure accordingly.

Bubye Valley Conservancy